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  • Founded in 2004, Strike Group is a leading oilfield services and construction company based in Calgary, Alberta and services Canada’s oil and gas industry. We have the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin covered with multiple locations [...]
  • Mariya Kucherenko, P.Eng, MWDPlanet’s Vice-President and co-founder, sat down with The Hitch to discuss the oil and gas innovations her company has been working on. Hitch: Can you tell us a bit more about the custom [...]
  • Krux Analytix inc. was founded in 2016 by drilling industry professionals who have spent years collecting, sorting, and analyzing drilling data. Led by President and CEO Jody Conrad, who has extensive industry experience in equipment [...]

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  • Title:  Energy, The New Prosperity  Year:  unknown Size:  31“ x 23” Medium:  Acrylic Leonard (Len) Gibbs was born in Cranbrook, British Columbia in 1929. Len was a commercial artist and became the Creative Director for [...]


  • by Patrick Brooks NRGX’s flagship product, LAS Worx, has been 40 years in the making. When Randy Striemer arrived in Calgary, he had all his possessions in a suitcase and $106 in his pocket. In [...]

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  • In 1965, I was living in Calgary and working at a steel fabrication plant. At the end of the week, the scenario was always the same. After work on Friday, I would stop by the bank and cash my weekly [...]

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