Board Bio: Scott Darling

How long have you been in the industry and how did you get your start? I began by running parts on my father’s drilling rigs in1982. Then I went to Whitco Drilling in 1983. I actually did things backwards…I’m from Alberta but started full time in Waskada, Manitoba for Flint Well Servicing in 1984.

How have you been involved with CAODC over the years? The first committees I joined (I believe) were Engineering & Technical, then that branched into Safety & Training, then and Health and Safety.

What prompted you to run for the Board of Directors? Mark Scholz. No Actually I was out of the business due to a non-competitive agreement for two years. I wanted to come back and get involved again as I feel it helps me stay connected with peers and new developments.

What is the best part about working in the service sector? I enjoy the reward of the service side as well as the people. Even through the ups and downs, the people are great to each other (Including the competitors) and the oil and gas business in general can’t be beat. (Hard to say that right now but….)

How have you seen the industry change since the early ’80s? Over the years, I have seen huge changes in making safety a priority (i.e., awareness, regulations, putting people first). I’ve also seen great strides toward environmental stewardship. (i.e., no more flare pits or atmospheric venting).

In your estimation, what does Alberta or Canada need to do to be more competitive in the global market? I don’t think there is any doubt that we need to get our product to market. We let the Australians beat us to the LNG market in China, and we have let our best customer to the south provide for themselves and let the East buy their product from overseas. In what world does it make sense to buy oil in the East at a higher price than we are selling it in the West. I have an article my father wrote for the Calgary Herald about this inequality from 1981.

How do you spend your time “off hitch”? Work is my main hobby because as stated previously I enjoy the people. But I do love to mountain bike and ski.