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Providing Solutions for Inefficient Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

An unavoidable problem for many industrial plant operations, that severely effects production and profitability, is restricted air flow to air cooled heat exchangers – specifically the fin fan assemblies. This is caused by airborne debris and other pollutants. Dirty exchanger bundles reduce the cooling efficiency of heat exchangers which prevents the equipment from performing at an optimal level. The result is lost production, which equals lost profit.

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Preventative maintenance pays for itself. Energy savings can be calculated with astonishing accuracy. When clean heat exchangers perform at their designed specifications, fans can be turned off or reduced to half-power. It has been proven that there is a 20-30% drop in energy usage and up to 100% increased air flow immediately after cleaning.  Learn more about Camtech and how we are specialists in ACHE Cleaning in Edmonton. Contact us today if you need fin fan cleaning or any air cooled heat exchanger maintenance. If you are interested in Heat Exchangers Edmonton we can help you with all your needs.