Cleaner, Quieter and Safer Shakers, MudCube by Cubility



Advertorial by Brad Banister

NTS is the sole Canadian distributor for the MudCube by Cubility.

The MudCube is a technology developed to replace traditional shakers. It was initially developed in Norway to provide HSE benefits for offshore drilling applications. The idea was to develop a better product to replace old shaker technology in mudrooms where up to 6 shakers could be running at the same time. Shakers, as we know, are noisy and have hazardous fumes or mist that workers are exposed to. After developing and installing the MudCubes, it was soon realized that it did indeed achieve its success in creating a cleaner, quieter and safer work environment. However not only was it successful in what it was intended for, but it was noticed that the cuttings came over the MudCube much dryer than normal. In fact, so dry, they had to add fluid back to the cuttings in order for it to be transferred by conveyer to awaiting ships for disposal. This was a bonus to the operator as they were able to save on disposal charges as well as collect massive savings on OBM and WBM procurement because the MudCube enabled them to reuse and recover more drilling fluid. At the same time the MudCubes did more of the “heavy lifting” so to speak, which in turn helped the centrifuges polish the mud and keep centrifuge maintenance down. A win win all the way around.

We at NTS discovered the MudCube and thought that if it worked offshore it would work onshore just as well. With a little training and a couple adjustments for cold weather we went to work. Every job was a little different then the one before and after a bit of a learning curve and a little trial and error period we got it dialed in. As you can see from the pictures it worked as good or better. The invert recovery went up and the mix off and disposal charges for cuttings went down. We, as well, can provide the contractor and operator the same HSE benefits it was originally designed for.

Bringing over a new product during this downturn in the Oil patch has had its challenges. In order to keep busy we thought we’d have a look at other industries where solids separation might apply. In particularly where shakers and centrifuging equipment are also used. We have since found out that the MudCube can be just as effective in Hydro-Vac, Redi mix plants, meat processing, tailing ponds, dredging applications and mining to name a few.

Originally NTS was to become just a distributer for the MudCube by Cubility. However, in order to prove the product and gain exposure we decided to become a full-service rental and sales company. Now with the pricing down and the product proven we wish to remind companies that these units are indeed for sale. It would also be a valuable compliment to any solids control company or Drilling contractor wishing to get a leg up on its competition.


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