In The Press

  • Varcoe: After years of setbacks, Canada takes ‘baby steps’ on building major energy projects
    Calgary Herald, June 3 2018. Story here.

New Events / Items

  • FINAL REMINDER —> Saskatchewan Membership Town Hall Meetings (June 13, 2018 in Estevan, SK)
    Service Rig members are invited to meet with Mark Scholz from 9am – 12:30am and Drilling members are invited to meet with him from 12:00 pm to 3:30pm. Lunch will be served from 12:00am to 12:30pm. Both Drilling and Service Rig members are encouraged to attend as Mark will be making mutually relevant announcements over the lunch break. Please RSVP to [email protected].
  • Global Petroleum Show 2018 —> Special Rates for CAODC Members!
    Thinking of attending or even exhibiting at the 2018 Global Petroleum Show on June 12-14, 2018? The GPS event organizers are giving an early bird discount special for CAODC members to attend for free (use code: “JOIN”) or get a $100 discount off the regular price ($795) of attending the conference portion of the GPS (use code: “EVENTS”). To register, click here.
  • New CAODC Associate Memberships are now half price! 
    Know a company that might want to join the CAODC? Starting June 1, new Associate or Associate Plus member fees are half-price (memberships expire December 31, 2018). Apply online or email questions to [email protected].
  • 2018 Overlay Stickers
    Are you missing a 2018 year overlay sticker for your CAODC membership plaque? Please contact [email protected] and we will send you one in the mail at no charge.
  • CAODC Website/Member Portal
    The Association has launched a new website and Member Portal. The new site is easier to use and offers more features to our members, giving them greater control over their membership information. We wanted to create a website that is responsive across all platforms, from mobile to desktop. The new site can be found here, site FAQs and a full site map can be found here, and tutorial videos on new content and processes can be found here.


  • New H2S Alive® Certificate
    Energy Safety Canada will be issuing new H2S Alive® certificates starting May 28, 2018 as a result of the merger between Enform and OSSA. An information Bulletin and poster (with an image of the new certificate) will be distributed to worksites later this month to ensure that the new certificate is recognized alongside older (but still valid) Enform and OSSA certificates. For more information on this new certificate, please contact Carol Howes at 403-516-8112.
  • Stay Informed About Your Industry
    Consider subscribing to these sources:
    Energy Safety Canada
    Alberta Health and Safety eNews
    Alberta Dangerous Goods’ Safety Bulletins and Notices
    Saskatchewan Tax Information Updates
    WorkSafeBC regulation & policy updates
    WorkSafeBC eNews
    And perhaps the most critical, your vendors. Most of the manufacturers that you purchase your equipment or PPE from have some type of system in place that allows them to communicate crucial information to their customers (i.e. product information bulletins, technical updates, safety and technical alerts, product recalls etc.). Take the time to contact each one of your vendors and find out how you can access this information on a regular basis.
  • Government of Alberta OHS Legislative Changes/Updates
    OHS Act Highlights Bulletin
    Webinar on OHS Act Changes
    Bill 30 – available to view and print at the Alberta Queen’s Printer
    The new Occupational Health and Safety Act (current as of Dec 15, 2017) available at the Alberta Queen’s Printer
    Occupational Health and Safety Webinars. Click here.
    OHS Website links to various resources. Click here.
    Overview of OHS Legislative Changes. Click here.
    Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committees. Click here.
    Do I need a joint work site health and safety committee or a health and safety representative? Click here for more information. Click here.
    Health and Safety Representatives. Click here.
    Worker participation in health & safety. Click here.
    OHS Safety Bulletins and Publications. Click here.
    New or revised OHS Safety Bulletins:
    Due Dilligence. PDF here.
    Reasonably Practicable. PDF here.
    Reporting and Investigating Injuries and Incidents.  PDF here.
    OHS Futures Research Grants
    OHS Innovation and Engagement Grants Program
    OHS eNews
    Information on COR
  • Safety Bulletin – Skidding Rigs
    Click here to download/view this Energy Safety Canada bulletin.
  • FINAL REMINDER —> Potential Serious Incidents (PSI): A Program Development Guide now available for industry review
    The document (click here to review) was developed in response to Alberta Bill 30 and the requirement to report PSI to the Alberta Government. It is open for review from April 28, 2018, to June 10, 2018. To provide feedback or comments on the draft guide, email [email protected].

Conferences / Meetings / Workshops

  • CAODC/Oil Respect will be at the 2018 GPS (June 12-14, 2018)
    Pop by our kiosk (#7150e) for a visit! Bring donuts.
  • FINAL REMINDER —> Workshop: Environmental Awareness for Field Personnel (Drayton Valley on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 8:30 to 4:30)
    This is a one-day workshop designed to introduce a variety field personnel to the prevention of the many impacts affecting the environment today. For more information, contact Sean Allen at [email protected] or to register, click here.

Oil Respect

  • Support the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project 
    Protesters and some government policymakers continue to delay construction on the vital Trans Mountain expansion project. Oil Respect is asking you to support the project by sending a letter or email message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr. We encourage all supporters to use this letter or write a letter of their own, and send it by Canada Post or email to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ([email protected]) and the Honourable Jim Carr ([email protected]). We also ask that you circulate the letter widely among your colleagues and social circles and have them do the same. More information can be found here.
  • Here’s what other advocacy groups are doing to support Canadian O&G (Trans Mountain related):
    • Ted Morton commentary
    • Brian Lee Crowley (Macdonald-Laurier Institute) commentary
    • Elmira Aliakbari and Ashley Stedman (Fraser Institute) commentary
    • Chris Varcoe (Calgary Herald) commentary
    • Ian Madsen (Frontier Centre) commentary
    • Colin Craig (CTF) commentary
    • BC Proud video
    • Michael Binnion on Twitter
    • Rachel Curran on Twitter
    • Candice Malcolm (True North Initiative) on Twitter
    • Debunk on Instagram
    • Other Important Items:
    • Colin Craig (Canadian Taxpayers Federation) on $2.5 million in federal funding to a group of anti-oil academic activists. Read here.
    • Candice Malcolm (True North Initiative) on third-party activist groups getting money from Summer Jobs grants. Read here.
    • Alberta Proud video on the targeting on Canadian oil.
    • Steve Simons (ResourcEd) commentary.
    • ResourcEd, online and classroom training program, for natural resource people and their organizations.
    • Canadian Chamber of Commerce report, Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness. Read here.
    • Canadian Taxpayers Federation seeks standing in pipeline, carbon tax legal battles. Read here.
    • Christine Van Geyn’s (CTF Ontario Director) column on Ontario’s carbon tax.
    • Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Ontario videos about supporting jobs.
    • Fraser Institute study, Federal Reforms and the Empty Shell of Environmental Assessment. Read here.
    • Debunk on carbon leakage. Read here.
    • Aaron Gunn on Canadian hydrocarbons and the contribution they have made to global development. Read here.
    • Strong and Free on carbon tax. Read here.
    • BC Proud video on carbon leakage/in support of Canadian natural gas.


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