Gardner Denver: Serving Alberta Since the Beginning

Challenge and Change are Canada’s Norm

As Canada’s sesquicentennial year winds to a close, it’s time for the Oil and Gas industry to reflect on challenges new and old along with our successes. In recent years we have faced continual challenges for accessing new markets, demand for higher efficiencies and need for improved technology, all while operating with adjusted margins. While our roadblocks remain constant, the resilience of the men and women working tirelessly to achieve our goals is unquestioned. Just like people in the oil and gas industry, Gardner Denver’s product reliability, toughness and innovations continue to weather any and all challenges.

When looking forward, it is important to look back at our history to best understand how far our industry has come as we forge the path ahead. One of the key discoveries in Canada’s history was the discovery on the 300M BBL Leduc oilfield. This discovery, which took place in February of 1947, is commemorated in Gateway Park, south of Edmonton, with a derrick, draw works and pump. The pump used by the famous Leduc 1, working for Imperial Oil, was a Gardner Denver FXQ duplex pump built in Quincy, Illinois. When Canada’s Oil and Gas industry started to kick into high gear, Gardner Denver was there.

Mud pumps’ past and future

The mud pump is the heart of a drilling rig, circulating fluid downhole to cool and turn the drilling bit and raise cuttings to the surface. Although technology has improved, the basic task of the drilling pump has not. The once common, two-cylinder duplex pumps have been replaced with faster stroking three-cylinder triplex pumps. Deeper wells along with horizontal drilling techniques have created a need for higher horsepower, pressures and flows. With over 150 years of industry presence, Gardner Denver manufactured some of the first mud pumps ever utilized and today we continue to design new innovative models for the next generation of high-spec drilling rigs. Whether it’s the Super Light Weight 1600 HP Trailblazer pump, our workhorse PZ11 1600HP, PXL 2000HP or the PZ 2400HP, Gardner Denver is ready for any challenge the market can throw at us. With our restructured pricing and other value-added offerings running Gardner Denver pumps on your rigs is now more affordable than ever.

Frac technology

Fracking has been around since the 1950’s, but in recent years this process has allowed the industry to unlock resources that were previously unrecoverable. Similar to the drilling side, we have seen increased demands on equipment with continuous duty pumps which are necessary to meet the heavy tonnage and high stage count that is common for today’s frackers. In addition to the many successful models of frac pumps offered, Gardner Denver has risen to the challenge with the development of our new 11” stroke, 3000HP, continuous-duty, Thunder Pump. Since its recent introduction, the Thunder Pump has quickly become the pump of choice for operatorslooking for the competitive edge.

Downtime is costly and keeping it to a minimum is key to running a profitable business. Considering this, operators need partners that invest in high-quality equipment that is capable of meeting the demands of harsh operating conditions. Gardner Denver designs products with these operational challenges in mind and has backed it up with service locations strategically located across the globe. Equipped with local service technicians and repair capabilities, keeping your equipment running and your personnel equipped, is our goal. Going one-step further, Gardner Denver has implemented the Pump University program for all of its’ customers. This hands-on educational service provides rig hands and other operations personnel with proper fluid-end and power-end best maintenance practices for all the equipment we offer – driving greater efficiencies. An educated customer is a successful customer.

After Market

In addition to our global service offering, Gardner Denver also offers a complete line of OEM replacement parts and consumables. Our durable OEM pistons, valves, seats, gaskets and fluid-end modules are utilized on numerous drilling rigs within the Canadian market. With slim operating margins, operators need maximum performance from their drilling pump consumables. For extended operating life, Gardner Denver has developed products specific for the Canadian market such as our bonded piston and valve which features a special formulated urethane for invert mud applications. To increase life and add hardness to our VOV and L-Shape fluid-end modules, we use a unique process called autofrettage, which strengthens the modules molecular structure allowing it to better withstand the excessive pressures experienced during operation. No other manufacturer matches the attention to detail that goes into all the aftermarket products we build which have proven to outlast and outperform our competition.

Future Pump Technology

What does the future look like? Everyone in our industry wishes they had a crystal ball to predict what the next few quarters look like, let alone the next few years. One thing is for certain, regardless of oil price, we can expect that new technology will continue to be implemented to improve efficiencies, all while demanding more from our equipment. Will rigs require higher horsepower and increased pressures? Yes. Will frackers need longer duty-cycles of their pumps? Yes. Will Gardner Denver be around to support their equipment? Yes we will.

Gardner Denver’s Promise

Gardner Denver has been building equipment for over 150 years and continues to lead the industry with innovation, reliability and customer support. As the demands increase for higher pressures, increased volumes, extended duty-cycles and reduced down time, Gardner Denver is working closely with the market to achieve these goals. We have been around since the first big discovery in Alberta and willto be ready to answer the call when the next discovery is found. When looking at our future and the future of the Alberta market, Gardner Denver is pumped up and ready.