Helping Canada’s Workforce

Helping canada’s workforce pursue and advance into new opportunities in the oil and gas industry has always been a mandate of PetroLMI—the Petroleum Labour Market Division of Energy Safety Canada. But equally important these days is supporting oil and gas workers, who have faced more than five years of disruption in the industry, as they transition into new jobs, new sub-sectors of the industry or even new industries.

PetroLMI is launching new tools and resources to do just that. PetroLMI has just rolled out a newly revised website at, will be introducing first-of-its-kind virtual reality tours, and, in the coming months, releasing a web-based resource that explores the evolving energy industry, the skills required and insight on the available talent in Alberta.

“We are excited about these projects because we believe they will provide valuable information for workers who are searching for new or different opportunities or for career advancement—information that has not been as readily available in the past,” says Energy Safety Canada’s Carol Howes, Vice President of Communications and PetroLMI.

PetroLMI’s revised bilingual website includes several added features, including a career self-assessment tool that is now simpler and easier for users to find an ideal career based on their skills, qualifications and preferences. Dashboards have been added for more readily available labour market information on various oil and gas industry sub-sectors and regions across Canada, as well as for specific occupations. The website’s Career Explorer tool includes access to job postings from sites such as Job Bank and the BOE Report. Over the coming months, 35 new occupation profiles will be added to the current 100 on the site. The new profiles focus on some of the emerging occupations in the industry. Career Explorer allows workers to browse, search and compare occupations, while employers can use the tool to review compatible occupations for internal transfers and labour force adjustments.

PetroLMI is also launching two unique extended experiences to expose job seekers, students and educators to oil and gas occupations. The first, launching this month, is a 360-degree video tour of automated and conventional rig sites, SAGD and mining oil sands operations, a processing plant and pipeline facilities. The second tool offers a gamification experience, using virtual and augmented reality to test a user’s aptitude for particular careers.

All of these initiatives are funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

Meanwhile, building on a previous project, PetroLMI and its consultants are working on a web-based tool that assesses foot-in-the-door criteria for unemployed or underemployed oil and gas workers to be hired into targeted sectors of Alberta’s transforming energy sector: cleantech, high tech to support the oil and gas ecosystem, oil and gas services and oil and gas-related industrial construction. The intent of this project is to provide Alberta employers with a profile of available workers and increase the understanding of who is available locally, regionally and provincially. This project is funded by the Province of Alberta working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

“The oil and gas industry is changing and evolving to adapt to new technologies, regulations and market prices – and with those changes, occupations are shifting and new roles are being created,” says Howes. “New priorities are creating demand for new skills and knowledge requirements and different occupations.”