Mark Scholz’ Top 10 Picks to Improve the Industry

  1. Repeal Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan and end the federal carbon tax.
  2. Scrap the ‘no more pipelines act’ Bill C-69 and Bill C-48 in the Senate.
  3. Repeal Bill 17 and Bill 30 in Alberta. This legislation has significantly increased the costs of doing business in Alberta; businesses that can least afford it.
  4. Decrease corporate taxes to prevent additional capital outflow to the United States.
  5. Appeal the Trans Mountain lower court ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  6. The Federal Government should approach TransCanada and ask the company to reissue their application to build Energy East and commit to using a streamlined regulatory process with fixed timelines and a federal backstop.
  7. Appeal the decision on Northern Gateway and begin construction immediately, there is significant support from First Nation communities along the pipeline route and the project will improve their quality of life and economic opportunities.
  8. The Federal Government should communicate why Canadian oil and gas is an essential part of our economy, why it is considered among the best in the world, how it benefits the world in terms of reaching overall global greenhouse gas targets, and an unequivocal commitment to see this industry expand.
  9. Pull charitable status for radical environmental groups and investigate them for foreign collusion and fundraising with the purpose to infiltrate our political and regulatory systems.
  10. Show strong federal constitutional leadership on projects that are clearly in the national interest. Our founding fathers gave the federal government the necessary tools to move forward on nation building projects, and we asked them to use these tools.