Meet Trinidad’s Social Media

By Andrew Brien

Trinidad Drilling’s Lauren McCarthy didn’t aim to build a social media platform just to impress; TD’s social presence has proven an effective recruitment tool, showcase for accomplishments, and a source of information and education.

The Hitch spoke with Lauren McCarthy, Communications and Social Media Specialist at CAODC member company Trinidad Drilling.

In addition to the corporate website, what social media platforms does Trinidad employ? We’re active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Can you give us a bit of background on how your social media presence came about? The idea to take on social started with Trinidad’s human resources team. The team wanted to use social media as a tool to build our recruitment brand and expand our talent pool reach.

When we first started on social media in 2013, management knew social was, and would continue to be, an important part of business moving forward.

What are some of the objectives of your social media strategy? Recruitment is our main social media objective. We also use social as a tool to personalize Trinidad’s brand, showcase operational and safety accomplishments, provide insight on rig careers, and educate followers on Trinidad’s team and services.

Were there any challenges to getting the go-ahead to proceed with social media? There was a bit of hesitation initially, only because it was something new and unknown, but it didn’t take long to see the benefits of having a positive and consistent social media presence.

Can you share with us the reach and audience with each of the platforms? We currently have more than 50,000 social media followers.

In 2017, our social media posts received over 11 million “impressions,” meaning our content was seen over 11 million times by LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users.

With social media’s global accessibility, are there differences between your Canadian, American, and international reach and engagement? Honestly, not really. Engagement on our pages is very positive. Rig hands are proud of the work they do and they’re proud to show it, no matter what part of the world they’re from!

Our largest audiences are from Canada and the U.S., which is no surprise given that’s where we do the majority of our work. We also have a great following in the Middle East and Mexico.

Can you tell us a little about Patch Chat? With recruitment being one of our main social media objectives, we use our blog to share stories that appeal to our target audiences. Our blogs related to a day in the life of a rig hand, for example, appeal to those looking to get into the industry; whereas our blogs on rig builds or upgrades appeal to those with industry experience looking to work on some fresh, new iron.

Our blog is full of great information! I’m always recycling our blogs as content on our social media pages.

What is Trinidad Drilling’s assessment on the success or effectiveness of their social media presence? We are very proud of our social media presence. When you consider our investment in social, it’s been well worth the consistent effort. We are always hearing feedback about what a great job we do on social from customers, competitors, employees, etc.

I think our social media pages are a bit of a source of pride, especially for our crews in the field.

Social media is a positive public space to celebrate Trinidad’s high-performance people, rig fleet, industry-leading safety records, and community involvement.

What has social media done for Trinidad that would not have been possible before its advent? Social media has given people a place to interact with Trinidad in an informal and easy way, and I think they really appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Prior to our use of social, for example, feedback on what a great experience someone had on one of our projects may never have been shared, or questions from someone looking to get into the industry may have never been answered.

It’s a pretty cool experience seeing rig hands from all over commenting on our posts and asking one another questions about our rigs. It’s a community in that sense.

Social media is also an easy way for those who may have left Trinidad’s family, or those who want to be a part of it, keep up with what we’re doing.

Who does a good job of social in other industries? The Calgary Stampeders Football Club. Their posts are timely, consistent, and always in-tune with what their audience wants to see or talk about.

How many members are there on your social media team? I’m the only one solely dedicated to our social media program, but I think everyone at Trinidad is part of the social media team! I wouldn’t be able to do it without their help and feedback.

It keeps me on my toes, but Trinidad has a great story and I’m glad to be able to tell it.

How do you deal with negative or aggressive comments? Being vulnerable to negativity is all part of the social media game. We have a very positive audience, but if we do receive negative or aggressive comments, we handle them in a timely and respectful manner. We often take the conversations offline to work through the feedback with the individual.

Do you track your social media metrics and if so, what tool(s) do you use? Absolutely—if it matters, measure it. I use an online social media management program to keep an eye on how our social channels are doing.