Member Profile: Capstone

Abandonments, Blowouts, and Well Integrity Testing


Capstone Abandonments offers all the major well services needed for end-of-life well servicing. An abandonment package includes:

• A complete service rig with a five man crew

• All relevant electric wireline services

• Abandonment focused downhole tools

• Ability to design, mix and pump up to 5 m3 of cement

All in one efficient package – lowering the overall cost of performing the abandonment.

In addition to a complete service offering for the downhole abandonment work, Capstone backs up its crews and equipment with in-house engineering, and can assist our clients in choosing the most efficient methodology to achieve a directive 20 compliant abandonment.

For clients with no field management infrastructure, Capstone can operate as prime contractor for the project and has the management systems to ensure our clients are confident to trust us with their site.

Capstone has the expertise to effectively manage and execute your project in the field.

• Qualified personnel to supervise and manage your project in the field.

• Experienced completions and abandonment personnel in the office to provide our field personnel with valuable support.

Well Integrity Testing

Doull Site Assessments Ltd. is a subsidiary of Capstone. The merger of the companies in 2017 ensures Capstone can now offer DSA’s class-leading well integrity methodology and technology for identifying, quantifying, sampling and monitoring gas migration and surface casing vent flow with every abandonment project.

• Over 30,000 well integrity and site inspections.

• Inventors and Innovators of class leading technology and methodology for gas migration and surface casing vent flow monitoring.

• Serving customers in AB, BC, SK and NWT.

• Regulatory advisors for creation and amendment of directives pertaining to well integrity methods and technology.

• Over one million hours of surface casing data monitoring for Canadian energy customers.

• Processes that effectively mitigate the risk of false positives and false negatives during GM and SCVF testing/monitoring.

• Providers of essential “First Eyes” site assessment data to our partners for future well abandonment and reclamation operations.

• VentMeter™ – The remote monitoring system providing consistent, daily, uninterrupted surface casing data. The VentMeter™ is 1000 times more precise than any commercially available technology, detecting lower surface casing vent flow rates than any other system in the industry.

Blowout Recovery

Capstone Blowout Recovery is an Alberta based company specializing in blowout recovery services.

Capstone provides experienced leadership, specialized tools, and valuable industry partnerships. This comprehensive package assists oil and gas operators in the planning and responsible execution of well control and blowout recovery processes.

From the boardroom, to the site, our staff of seasoned specialists focuses on safety-oriented problem-solving while respecting the customer’s corporate image and asset value.

Capstone provides our clients with a complement of expertise in all facets of the emergency response and blowout recovery process:

• Blowout contingency planning.

• Complex well control issues.

• EOC liaison to integrate into your ERP planning section.

• Blowout recovery operations.

• One of the only Athey Wagons in Canada designed for working on prolific sour wells.