Member Profile: NOV Grant Prideco

NOV Grant Prideco was established in 1995 after a merger of Grant Supply Company and Prideco Inc. Then in September 1996, Grant Prideco acquired Superior Tube and became the only producer of drill pipe and premium tubulars in the Canadian market. In April 2008, Grant Prideco was acquired by National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to become NOV Grant Prideco.

NOV Grant Prideco’s philosophy has always been simple: create the best performing products on the market. It didn’t take long to become the world’s largest supplier of premium drill pipe and drill steam accessories that offer a full range of proprietary and American Petroleum Institute (API) drill pipe.

With offices around the globe, they have no intention of slowing down. Once horizontal drilling came to market, it was apparent that investing in new technologies was essential for their customers. Unlike their competitors, NOV Grant Prideco invested heavily in research and development to provide its customers with the highest quality pipe in order to complete some of the toughest drilling challenges.

Their innovative advancements began with the Hi-Torque™ (HT™) connection which offered drillers 40 per cent more torque than comparable API connections. In response to offshore operators who were experiencing timeline difficulties with the slow makeup torque that API drill pipe permitted, NOV Grant Prideco developed the eXtreme™ Torque (XT™) connection which allowed for larger drill pipe in a given hole size while maintaining fishability, and serve as the market reference for deepwater and extended reach drilling. The popularity and availability of the XT™ connection brought it to land-based operations because it could essentially drill into any formation.

Released in 2002, the Grant Prideco Double Shoulder™ connection provided torque similar to the HT™ system plus the convenience of interchangeability.

Mark Franks is
NOV Grant Prideco’s
Area Sales Manager
for Canada and Alaska

A third generation of pipe connection called TurboTorque™ (TT™) was introduced in 2006 which was “designed for drilling off the coast of California when a 30-day timeline included taking your rig out, setting it up, drilling, and then taking it down,” explained NOV Grant Prideco sales manager Mark Franks. “A company came to us with the formations they were drilling and their sensitivities, and then we designed the TurboTorque™ to address those problems.”

Innovation didn’t end there. After five and a half years of research and development, NOV Grant Prideco released the Delta connection in January 2018. “The Delta connection is what we consider our ultimate value proposition,” Franks describes. “It takes all of the successes from the previous connections and puts them into one.”

The Delta connection was designed to create a high-performance product that is easier to run, is robust, and more forgiving. Some of the features include: better fatigue resistance, a balanced thread form, a faster makeup and the field inspection tolerance has been widened without compromising performance to reduce repair frequency.

Aside from products, NOV Grant Prideco is always utilizing new technologies to connect with its customers. To accomplish this, they launched the GP2GO mobile app. Customers can browse and retrieve up-to-date information on facilities, catalogs, drill string specifications, rotary shoulder connections, events and technical papers all from a mobile device.

NOV Grant Prideco is a prime example of what it looks like to take problems in the industry and develop solutions that help push the sector to new limits.

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