Member Profile: Southern Range Well Servicing Ltd.

By Jess Sinclair

Southern Range Well Servicing Ltd. has been operating out of Weyburn, Saskatchewan since 2000. The team at The Hitch asked company co-owner Ron Newett how Southern Range lives up to its credo; dedicated to providing quality service and outstanding workmanship that is unparalleled in our industry.”

The Hitch: What sets Southern Range apart from other service rig companies operating in Western Canada today?

Ron Newett: Management is committed to a leadership role that brings depth to the company’s mission statement [noted above]. Our outlook revolves around high customer satisfaction which is built on strong communication. We operate a very successful and professional business which is why people turn to us when they need a responsible service provider. With over 60 years combined knowledge in the oilfield, management in this company has learned valuable lessons along the way and continues to utilize that knowledge to implement change to sustain growth.

TH: How do you ensure that a culture of safe work is maintained at Southern Range when times are busy for the Canadian service rig industry, as they are during the first quarter of the year?

RN: Southern Range sets the highest standard in safe work procedures and our company’s [commitment to] “safe service” is the business’s driving force. In an industry that is by nature hazardous, it is essential to put stringent policies and procedures in place. To offset risk, Southern Range Well Servicing Ltd. continually undergoing reviews of and changes and additions to our best practises. For the last few years, we have been building a database of job safety analyses and safe work procedures. Employees are required to perform hazard assessments, follow safe work procedures, conduct and attend daily safety meetings, and follow a regularly scheduled program of maintenance and inspection.  The company maintains a health and safety program conforming to the best practices in our field. To be successful, our program must embody proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention. Cooperation of both management and employees is required in all health and safety matters. Southern Range recognizes that safety is an integral part of business today, and we take the necessary steps to participate in rigorous safety initiatives.

TH: Can you tell us a little more about your facilities and the equipment you offer?

RN: The 48 foot by 60 foot shop and state-of-the-art warehouse stores supplies and parts which allows Southern Range to apply a systematic regularly-scheduled maintenance program designed to reduce the risk of injury and property damage. [This program] helps extend equipment life and correct equipment weaknesses. Maintenance and service is performed by company employees or contracted service providers who possess the appropriate skills, accreditation and/or certification. Southern Range employs a journeyman welder for fabrication and, when required, on site welding needs. Turnaround time on repairs is very quick and efficient. We take pride in our employees and the work that can be performed in the field if needed.”

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.