Member Profile: Strike Group

Aerial shot of one of the many gas plants Strike has worked on in Western Canada.

Founded in 2004, Strike Group is a leading oilfield services and construction company based in Calgary, Alberta and services Canada’s oil and gas industry. We have the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin covered with multiple locations throughout Western Canada and provide services to a who’s who list of energy clients in five areas: Projects, Industrial Services, Electrical and Instrumentation, Pipeline Services, and Field Services.

Virtually any project related to surface facilities in the oil and gas industry falls within our expertise, including: pipeline construction and testing, production and process facility construction and maintenance, electrical construction, instrumentation services, module fabrication, plant maintenance and turnaround services, integrity and repair, and plant and facility construction. We are proud of our experienced tradespeople, experienced project management/supervision, and the processes developed to support them; all of which ensure the exceptional execution of any project.

The Strike Group leadership tour of a 30MW Unit Addition Compressor Station project near Edson, Alberta.

We are starting off 2020 with a heavy focus on employee mental health. We recently completed our annual Fresh Start meetings at all of our locations and major sites with an emphasis on this topic. We are sending a strong message that is it okay to speak up, it’s okay to talk about how you are feeling, and that it is okay to get help. We are committed to operating ethically and in alignment with our core values, to ensure economic inclusion and participation of local and indigenous communities. Our mission is to build meaningful relationships with local and Indigenous peoples, businesses and communities that mutually benefit all stakeholders. Strike is also really proud of our commitment to supporting the communities in which we live and work. This year, our Safety Observation Card (SOC) program is running strong and we are raising 50¢ for every completed SOC. Typically, every Strike employee fills out between four and ten SOC’s per month and each office gets to choose where their acquired funds get donated at the end of the year/project.

Another recent highlight is the crew on one of Strike’s compressor station projects worked together with the customer to raise a whopping $19,507 for the Edson Public Library After School Kids Program.