Oil Respect at SAIT Student Petroleum Society

by Hitch Editorial Staff

Part of the mandate of the Oil Respect campaign is continued outreach to university and technical students. We believe this is important because these young people represent the future of Canada’s oil and gas industry. They can also be its most compelling advocates.

Members of the SAIT Student Petroleum Society are no exception. This is a well-travelled lot that also includes a small cadre of international students. They know what it’s like to have to explain their choice of field to fellow students and other friends who may not understand the excellent standards to which Canadians have built our oil and gas industry. Their peers don’t always see the inherent advantages that come with maximizing the value of our natural resources, even though most young Canadians owe their quality of life to our abundant resource industries.

Oil Respect aims to arm the next generation of oil and gas innovators with the facts they need to advocate for market access, a more predictable regulatory environment, and an understanding of how ordinary Canadians are working to keep our industry best-in-class. Thanks so much to the team at the SAIT SPS for giving us this opportunity.

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