Our Story – Cheryl Hurtak

hurtak_montage_678pxHere is our story…I am an ‘oil wife,’ whose husband has worked in the oil patch for 25+ years. He is honest, humble, hardworking and proud. He has worked in –40° to +40° degree weather, NEVER missed a day of work, spent half of his children’s and grandchildren’s lives away from them, worked through Christmases, birthdays, funerals, and his kids’ competitions and tournaments, and never drew an unemployment cheque. We don’t even qualify for unemployment, because he is a contract worker.

We don’t have company benefits, a retirement plan, or a company vehicle. When you say we get paid too much, factor in all of those things. We aren’t riding on anyone’s back, we pay our own way for everything, and pay tens of thousands of dollars each year, (some years over a hundred thousand) into the tax system to support Canada, support social programs, and support people less fortunate than us…We understand ‘transfer payments’ on a personal level. I have watched as my proud and confident husband has begun to doubt himself, as he has applied for over a hundred jobs in the last five months, as we drain our savings and begin to dig into our retirement fund (what little we have begun to accumulate). This man who has run 100-man operations around the clock without any sleep for up to three and four days because his crew is potentially in harms’ way…This man who has controlled budgets in excess of eight million dollars, and come in under budget and ahead of schedule…This man can’t even get a job driving heavy equipment or working at Home Depot…

This man deserves this? Why?

No, he does not deserve this because our governments are all having a pissing match, and no one wants to play nicely together in the sandbox. He does not deserve this, and you, sitting in your warm coffee shop, driving your oil and gas fueled car, wearing your shoes and clothing sourced from oil products, staying warm in Canada’s winter by burning fossil fuels… and then you have the audacity to protest against an industry that provides the cleanest and safest fuel source in the world, an industry that has the highest safety standards in the world, and industry that the rest of the world turns to for education and innovation to improve their standards.

You need to search your heart and decide why you could have such a heartless and cold attitude towards another person who has risked his life on a regular basis to provide these things for society…Why? Walk a mile in his shoes, then we will talk. ~ Cheryl Hurtak