Linkedin has been the epicenter for recruiters and job-seekers, but for oil and gas companies looking for a particular blend of experience and expertise, the social network does have serious limitations.

“My biggest difficulty when looking for jobs was finding key roles within my area of expertise,” says Bob Caughlin, whose new startup, PetroRecruit, is keen to reinvent the job-placement process. “No highly qualified engineer wants to look at indeed. com and find generic job postings such as a cashier’s job at Mcdonalds.”

Many oil and gas job seekers have found themselves dismayed by the lack of job search options: there were job advertisements, which were time consuming; personal recommendations, which were valuable but not always available; and, lastly, a large number of unknown headhunters looking for potential candidates within a sea of profiles.

Enter PetroRecruit, a new startup geared towards pairing job seekers and recruiters with the right job and candidate as quickly as possible. Originally launched in December of 2015 (still in its beta stage), the company announced in April 2016 that it will launch the second update of their website ( giving job-seekers access to over 3,000 oil and gas job openings. Recruiters from various companies will also be allowed to view a candidate’s profile information, allowing them to seek candidates of specific experience and talents.

PetroRecruit works by flipping the current recruitment tools on their head. It works like this: candidates of various oil and gas backgrounds create a PetroRecruit profile. This material acts as their portfolio, which oil and gas producing companies and energy service companies can look through. Profiles will list desired salary requirements, ideal work environment, and individual skill sets within oil and gas. Recruiters will then have the opportunity to communicate with individuals who fit their job requirements.

Looking for a job? PetroRecruit users can browse and apply for the thousands of jobs available on the website including Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer, and various other technical specialist positions. Each job has a detailed description of salary range, work environment, and skills required.

“The goal of PetroRecruit is to ultimately act as the catalyst for a more efficient cycle of job matching,” says Paul Lee, “Bob, Kevin, and I want to create a silicon valley type of ecosystem for job recruitment and job search for our industry. Something as simple as Submit. Match. Land.”

Ultimately, PetroRecruit was initiated due to the difficulties faced from the downturn in the oil and gas market. Close to 100,000 oil and gas workers in Canada have been laid off during this downturn and are looking for new jobs, but despite the current climate, there are companies still looking for qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. With better efficiency in matching jobs to the right candidates, more families will be able to move past the current oil and gas crisis.

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