Rig Art: Oil Drop

oil_drop_piece_croppedTitle: Oil Drop
Artists: Jade & Austin Mckinnon
Year: 2016
Size: 50″ x 31.5″
Medium: Mixed media on wood

This piece, simply called “Oil Drop,” is a hand-made creation by two siblings, Jade Mckinnon and her brother Austin Mckinnon. They believe that this “oil drop” symbolizes what it takes to produce multiple drops of oil. The drop itself was constructed using multiple boards laminated together and cut to shape. They then weathered and painted the wood to achieve the desired look. Jade then hand-carved the pumpjack into the drop.

The siblings are from a small town in Saskatchewan and have recently started a business together. Capitalizing on Jade’s passion for art and home decor, the brother and sister team decided to target that market first. “We are doing any custom pieces people want, as well as creating our own,” says Austin, “but because our family is so closely tied to the oil industry, we only found it appropriate to bring that subject matter into our creations as well.”

This is the first oil-themed piece they have done but they’re looking to do both service and drilling rig imagery as well. “We do have a few more pieces ordered, but not yet finished. Our father started in the oilpatch almost twenty years ago and now, years later, Austin has started working for our dad as well,” says Jade.

The industry has supported their family for years and it’s something they say they couldn’t be more thankful for.

For more information check out Kindred Creations on Facebook and Instagram! Or simply give Jade and Austin a call or text at (306) 434-8182.