Rig Art: TopHat Indonesia

Title: Oil Respect metal hardhat
Artist: TopHat Indonesia | Medium: aluminium, paint | Year: 2017

In today’s click-and-copy world, TopHat Indonesia has found a niche market for custom-designed and hand-crafted metal hard hats. They are certain to garner attention whenever they’re spotted in public. We at the CAODC recently saw one at an O&G Expo and inquired with its owner about it. An e-introduction was made to Elvino Pongsapan, TopHat’s founder, and after a few emails to confirm the proposed imagery to be used (see inset below), a custom-engraved metal Oil Respect hard hat was shipped to us within a few days of completion.

TopHat Indonesia offers copper, brass, and silver-based metal hats (on special request) but the raw metal for a basic hat is aluminum. The finishing process involves black paint for the recessed, negative areas, and polishing for the unpainted, positive areas.

Elvino emphasizes that “all the images [on the final hat] are hand-made and crafted without a single high tech tool.” TopHat artisans have been doing this craft for a long time and the skills have been passed down from the older generation to the younger generation.

The Oil Respect hard hat was put up for silent auction recently as a campaign fundraiser with Duane Carol of DC Drilling Inc. offering the winning bid of $1,500!. It is not CSA-approved, however, so he can’t wear it in the field!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tophatindonesia 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tophatindonesia.