Calgary’s Rig Art: Legacy


Title: Legacy

Artist: Doug Driediger

Year: 1997

Calgary Petroleum Club President: Dennis Flanagan

A simple stroll through the hallowed halls of the Calgary Petroleum Club in downtown Calgary suggests that oil, cowboys, and western art go hand-in-hand. Adding to their art collection is not the result of random purchases but, rather, the result of a long-standing policy where each out-going president selects a work of art to leave as their legacy within the Club. As a regular feature in The Hitch, we will be showcasing a piece from their collection that embodies rig life, oil and gas technology, or some other feature of the industry.

Our first featured artwork will be familiar to most Calgarians. It is the 48´ x 150´ wall mural that adorns the south exterior wall of the Club’s building. It shows how the oil and gas industry shares the land with ranching and farming. The snapshot of the drilling crew is an actual photo from Golden Spike well #1.

Six companies helped with funding for the mural: Imperial Oil, Precision Drilling Corp., Prudential Steel Ltd., Shell Canada Limited, Stampeder Exploration Ltd., and Trimac Corporation. It took Driediger almost a month to complete the painting.