Riggertalk is offering a limited time exclusive promotion to the CAODC’s associated members of 40% off on a 1 year subscription to list your company on www.riggertalk.com and Riggertalk App.

What is Riggertalk?

Riggertalk is the first map based directory that gets companies & services found on the World Map through keyword search and category search. Also, Riggertalk has a map for jobs, equipment for sale, up coming events, resume map, find leases/locations with directions and soon will have an active drilling & service rig map.

RiggerTalk_promoadRiggertalk members has their own username and password so they can add or edit their company’s information as needed making Riggertalk the most trusted and up to date information. Members information consists of company logo, contact numbers, emails, company’s location/locations, full company description, direct links to websites and full directions to company’s location on the map.  Also has maps for jobs, equipment, find locations/leases, members can add equipment for sale on the map, list jobs on the map and up coming events on the map, thus making Riggertalk the most effective way to advertise your company.

As Riggertalk’s user base is growing daily we have bee advertising through multiple media bases and working with oil companies to tender services from the map and working with consulting firms to utilize the map to find local services, saving time and money.

If you have questions or would like additional information you may contact us [email protected]

Chris Zavlanos


Website: http://www.riggertalk.com

Free App Link: http://riggertalk.com/oilfield_app.php


Riggertalk Rates                      Member Rate                        Non-Member Rate

                                              (40% off rates for Members)

                                                       Yearly Rates                             Yearly Rates

1 Location on the Map                 $719.64/year                                 $1199.40/year

Extra locations                              $107.64/location/year                $179.40/location/year