Safety Excellence Award: Eagle Well Servicing

Receiving a Safety Excellence Award for the calendar year 2016, Eagle Well Servicing would like to recognize the contributions of the following individuals from Rig 43: Rig Manager Dallas Potts, Driller Jordan Hautzinger, Derrickhand Josh Nielson, and Floorhands Lanny Fraser and Ryan Dill.

Justification of Eagle Well Servicing Rig #43 Award for Safety Excellence.

“The crew of Eagle Well Servicing Slant Rig #43 has set a new standard of excellence in safety and efficient operations. The Rig Manager, Dallas Potts has continually provided extensive hands on training with each member of the crew. He ensures that they are competent to complete all tasks assigned to them. The crew conducts business around the rig as professionals. They are prepared for each day of work, their attitudes are always positive, and smiles greet all visitors. The crew promotes safety and efficiencies not only amongst themselves, but with all services associated with the operation at any given time. The rig and support equipment are always clean, organized, and fully maintained to the highest of standards. This tremendous due diligence demonstrates the crews’ dedication to our industry, their service to Eagle Well Servicing, and exceeds expectations of the clients we work for.

In the two years this crew has continually operated rig 43, there have been nothing but positive reviews from all customers on their high performance. The crew of Rig #43 have literally changed Eagle Well Servicing’s perception of what is possible in a busy lease environment. With a clean, safe, and efficient slant rig operation, their performance welcomes handshakes from everyone. Without question the crew of Rig #43 is an example of Safety Excellence.”

Devon Canada Corporation Justification

The active participation, cooperation and commitment to safety demonstrated by the Rig Crew of Eagle Well Servicing Rig #43 directly reflects the Core Safety Values that we strive to maintain. Developing and maintaining a safe work site is a team effort. The ultimate goal of any safety program is Target Zero. Without the dedication to practice what is preached in terms of taking the time to do things safely and correctly this goal is not only attainable but it WAS attained. Well done crew of Eagle 43.

– Devon Canada Corporation Wellsite supervisor working with the Rig #43 crew since August 2015.

The crew on Eagle 43 has demonstrated a very strong commitment to safety and a large part of the results they have seen comes from a commitment to exposure reduction. Internally we believe that quality leading indicators are one of the keys to achieving Target Zero. In the previous 6 months the crew on Eagle 43 has worked in a team oriented environment and played a part in approximately 800 leading indicators being reported, analyzed, and if necessary, corrected. This show very strong commitment maintaining a safe work environment.

– Dale Duffy, P.Eng. Completions Engineer Devon Canada Corporation