Swift Environmental Equipment Ltd

Recover fluids, Recover costs.

Swift Environmental offers an innovative solution for reducing costs associated with drilling fluids; The Swift Saver ™ Drilling Fluid Containment and Recovery System. Swift has been a leader of innovative designs in the Drilling industry for many years beginning with our signature product, the Swift Rig Vac™ Vacuum System and rig floor cleaning wand. After numerous requests from customers to develop a system that provides both suction and discharge simultaneously, we designed the Swift Saver™ (VRT) Vacuum Recovery Tank that collects drilling fluids then automatically discharges collected fluids back to the mud system. Our system uses the power of vacuum (as opposed to relying solely on gravity) and is able to collect fluids from multiple locations on the rig. The Swift Saver ™ system, 100% recovery of fluids resulting in cost savings and ensuring a cleaner / safer Rig and enhanced environmental protection.

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