Rig Art: Oil Field Girls

Title: Oil Field Girls Artist: Gerald Bywaters Year: 1940 | Size: 19 5/8″ x 24 1/2″ Medium: oil on board A drive through West Texas in the 1930s inspired this painting that is riddled with […]


Rig Art: TopHat Indonesia

Title: Oil Respect metal hardhat Artist: TopHat Indonesia | Medium: aluminium, paint | Year: 2017 In today’s click-and-copy world, TopHat Indonesia has found a niche market for custom-designed and hand-crafted metal hard hats. They are certain […]


Rig Art: “Drilling Rig”

Artist: SharksDen Illustrated for a 2012 short story called “Drilling Rig” by Ken Liu. “The rig is two thousand feet tall to accommodate the telescoping drill. Sitting up here in the cockpit at the top, […]