Vivian Krause Crossword Puzzle



3 Krause discovered 2,700 _____ on an unencrypted Tides Canada server which made it quite clear who was getting money and for what purpose.
10 A form of economic protectionism.
11 In addition to helping fund the Tar Sands Campaign through donations to the New Venture Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also campaigned against Line 9 and collected more than one million signatures opposing _____ _____.
12 With the increase in US production and export, Krause couldn’t find any evidence of activism against American activities, only against _____ development.
15 Jason Mogus of NetChange states on his ads and website that his job is to build _____ grassroots campaigns.
16 “From the very beginning, the campaign strategy was to _____ _____ the tar sands so that crude could not reach international markets” is a quote from a document posted on the website of Corporate Ethics International.
17 A strategy paper funded by the Rockefeller Bros outlines “how to push policy makers to create the context for a massive change in _____ flow; getting people to divest from fossil fuels.”
22 Alberta was the only _____ in the world targeted by these organizations to cap oil production.
23 Krause is pretty sure that the Dogwood Initiative will attempt to sway the upcoming _____ election by pushing an issue meant to divide the electorate, just as they did in BC.
24 Former president of the World Wildlife Fund who got a $400K “severance” while he led Trudeau’s election campaign in 2015.
28 Jason Mogus (of NetChange) coordinates more than 60 environmental groups from his _____ on Salt Spring Island, BC.
31 The tax return of Corporate Ethics International (CEI) explicitly states that they stole the _____ _____ and Keystone XL pipelines.
33 In the name of protecting Canada’s iconic species, the economic, market, and trade issues of the _____ _____ are being protected.
34 $35M of Tides Canada money went to the “Fuel Quality Directive” meant to _____ Canadian oil in European markets.
35 Activism as a _____ tool has replaced its traditional role as the honest broker intent on telling the whole story about an issue.
36 What the David & Lucille Packard Foundation aimed to do for commercial fisheries.
37 People that are part of the Dogwood Initiative today are Canadian, but a big _____ of the money that has made it the voting machine it is today is not Canadian…it’s American.
38 A marketing tactic that uses fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
39 The New Venture Fund, based in Washington, DC, funnelled money into political activity to help stop the _____ _____ pipeline.


1 In 2010, Krause discovered “_____ _____ Campaign” on the US tax return of Tides Canada.
2 The US has since lifted their _____ _____ and ship their oil to more than 20 countries. This would be impossible to do if not for the cheap supply of Canadian oil satisfying their domestic needs.
4 If Canada’s O&G industry can’t get its product _____, the US continues its exclusive access to our oil.
5 Over the years, environmental activism has morphed into elections activism, as evidenced by the _____ Initiative in Canada who use simple and powerful messages to influence elections, such as the controversial NDP/Green win in BC.
6 The 40-member Biodiversity Funders Group held their 2002 AGM in _____, BC with David Suzuki as a keynote speaker.
7 According to their tax returns, The _____ Bros Fund paid Corporate Ethics International $250K to coordinate the initial steps in demarketing Canadian oil and gas.
8 A surprise _____ _____ letter from the David Suzuki Foundation is what first triggered Krause’s investigation into activist funding.
9 The _____ Foundation gave $9M each to Tides Canada and the New Venture Fund for continued anti-tar sands messaging.
13 Gerald Butts arranged for a large “marine life” grant from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation; many of those plans were approved by Justin Trudeau shortly after becoming _____ _____.
14 In the name of protecting the _____ _____ (of spiritual significance to First Nations groups), activist funders want to shut down BC’s coast (no tankers! no trade!), even though the bear’s habitat is considerably smaller than the protected area being identified.
18 Provides greater details than its Canadian counterpart.
19 On the heels of the first Iraq war and the California energy crisis from the early 1990s, the US turned their attention to “American energy _____.”
20 Following the involvement of Corporate Ethics International, this group starting receiving Rockefeller funds specifically to “cap tar sands production in Alberta.”
21 All of these prominent funding groups fall under one American organization created by the _____ _____ _____ in the late 1980s: the Biodiversity Funders Group.
23 Krause discovered that the money behind _____ _____ _____ in BC were also behind the Tar Sands Campaign.
25 The Hewlett Foundation donated $500M to a group called _____ _____ (one of the main Tar Sands Campaign supporters) whose official mandate is to put “land off limits” to O&G development.
Only 5.5% of US O&G development is affected with most of the funds targeting development in Alberta, BC, and the Yukon.
26 The pursuit of energy security by the US has been rebranded as the pursuit of domestically produced renewable energy and marketed as “_____ _____ _____” instead.
27 After Krause wrote a Financial Post article called “______ _______” on the revealing nature of their tar sands’ campaign activities found on their websites, 17 organizations immediately amended those entries.
29 “Responsible energy development” most likely means “_____ _____ development,” based on the actual policies and actions undertaken by these funding groups.
30 The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation gave $100M to _____ _____ for “marine planning” on BC’s coast.
32 The main funders of these campaigns claim they’re fighting to protect Canada’s _____ _____, but not one penny went to help the pine beetle infestation in BC.