Woodman to Oilman?

Woodman to Oilman?

Harold Lipton, a 12-year-old student at Woodman Junior High in Calgary, thought he might grow up to be an oilman like his father, a statistician employed at Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.

His obsession with oil earned him one of the top prizes in a city-wide science fair competition as well as an invitation (by Imperial Oil’s Jim Rennie) to bring his All About Oil display to the highly anti-cipated Canadian Petroleum Exposition later that year.

One of his goals during his tenure at the CPE was to create his own souvenir guest book with autographs of people from all over the world. By day two, he had already accumulated 440 signatures. Harold says this about his time there: “…hats off to the way Imperial Oil treated me. They were great. I was only 12 and not very worldly, but they arranged for me to get back and forth to the Grounds from home everyday, and I think Mr. Rennie actually drove me half the time himself. They treated me royally…it was a great experience.” And to his surprise, Imperial Oil offered up $75 for his participation!

His pursuit of oil didn’t last, though. In his high school years, he began to embrace psychology although he admits that his early interest in people was probably reflected in his guest book from the show.

In the latter part of his 35-year career in psychology, Harold is proud to say that he spearheaded the Healthy Minds/Healthy Children Outreach Service at Alberta Health Services.